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Sou José E. Almeida

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Minha História

Mr. José Almeida brings 20 years of construction experience in the USA.



Project, Budget and Design Manager, Structural, Technical Consultant



 On behalf of JEA Construções Tecnológicas Integradas Inc. I would like to have the opportunity to do business with you. I have been providing engineering and construction services in New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida since 1989. Now operating in Brazil


JEA Construções Tecnológicas Integradas Inc. is a furniture manufacturing company, pergolas, wooden roofs, garden and home decor providing wooden framing for commercial and residential purposes and public and private custom projects. Upon an edict from you, I will obtain designs, specifications and any other documents that may be required via online or pick-up at a location you have designated. I will then provide you with a timely proposal for your project with a breakdown of pricing, labor, and components. Once you've decided to partner with JEA Construções Tecnológicas Integradas Inc. for your project, you can expect us to be very proactive and responsive. We believe in keeping a good line of communication open between you and us, both in the field and in the office. All of our framing work is done by hourly workers, most of whom have worked with us for many years. Employees are required to show respect to our customers, perform their duties safely and efficiently, with an emphasis on teamwork. As a result, what we produce for you is clean work, impeccable finishes and an overall clean workplace.


We always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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