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Platform Framing

Platform framing is the industry standard for wood framing methods. It is a light-weight construction type for roof, wall and floor planes. Additional members like studs and joists are used and are spaced accordingly to account for various loads. In this method, each floor is framed out as a separate unit by nailing the horizontal frame member to the top of the wall studs. First , one structure is securely supported by the foundation. That ground level is then used as the stage or platform to build up to the next floor.Joists are run perpendicular to the sill plate and a joist header is then attached to the end of each individual joist. Next, studs are attached to the joints and run the height on ground to ceiling.

Once the necessary amount of floors is reached, rafters and roof joints are constructed. Advantages to using platform framing:

  • uses minimal amount of wood

  • smaller pieces of wood can be used

  • fire stopping does not need to be used (stud spaces are enclosed by floor platforms)

  • very safe to construct (simple tools are used)

  • requires less labor (low construction costs)












Foundation                                                                    Upper Floors

platform-frame-labeled_s4x3_lead Foundation.jpg
The Future of Framing is Here.jpg

Typical Balloon Frame Detail

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